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Discipleship Year

The Hull Vineyard Discipleship Year is an amazing opportunity to serve the Church, to deepen your relationship with God, to pursue the calling that God has put on your life and to push the boundaries of your spiritual and emotional growth!

If you sense the call to Church planting, ministry, leadership in any form or if you just want to give a year of your life to God, then the Discipleship Year is perfect for you.

Throughout the year, there are opportunities to get more involved in the inner workings of the church, as well as ‘behind the scenes’ stuff. You are also encouraged to get involved with ministry areas that you are passionate about.


One exciting aspect of the Discipleship Year is the opportunity to grow within community. You spend time worshipping, learning more about God and yourself, praying and serving alongside one another each week.

If you are interested speak to Elaine Cook, or email the office at

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