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Serve Hull

At Hull Vineyard, our heart is to ‘love Hull’ and the people who live here. Serve Hull is about starting a ‘Love Revolution’ across our city, building stronger communities, investing in our city and developing its incredible potential.

Every other Saturday, we set out to serve our city. We currently have several initiatives and partnerships reaching out to help people across Hull which include:

Healing on the Streets: we believe that Jesus came to restore life, and he demonstrated this by healing people, setting them free from sicknesses and oppression. Twice a month, trained teams gather in Hull City Centre to pray for healing with anyone in need.

Week 1 – Giveaway. Kindness builds the bridge for the person to receive a touch of love from God. It’s simple, practical, effective, inexpensive and fun! This is why we give things away, from washing up liquid to chocolates.

Week 2 – Miracle Question + Treasure hunting. We pray before we go and head into Hull asking people what God could do for them if he was real.

Week 3 – Surveys. We go into an area of Hull with faith surveys asking our community questions about life, death, God and faith.

Week 4 – Tea and coffee van. We take our very own catering van into Hull and serve free hot drinks to the community as we share about Jesus

We meet every other Saturday at 11am at Queen Victoria Square in the city centre.

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